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Windshield replacement and auto glass repair services provided by Statewide Auto Glass. We offer free mobile auto glass services throughout Houston and the surrounding area. 

Call for a Free Windshield replacement quote to find out what the windshield replacement cost is before ever setting an appointment for your auto glass service.

Our operators are standing by to assist you with any question you may have, call our toll free number (888) 426-3499 to be directed to the location nearest you or search our directory for the direct location.

We provide auto glass repair and windshield replacement for all makes and model vehicles.

Auto Glass Services include:

  • Automobile Glass Repair - Call for a quote to receive Automobile Glass Repair Cost
  • Car Door Window Repair - Call for a quote to receive Car Door Window Repair Cost
  • Car Window Motor Replacement - Call for a quote to receive Car Window Motor Replacement Cost
  • Windshield Repair - Call for a quote to receive Windshield Repair Cost
  • Truck Slider Replacement - Call for a quote to receive Truck Slider Replacement Cost
  • Vent Glass Replacement - Call for a quote to receive Vent Glass Replacement Cost
  • Mobile Auto Glass Service - We can come to you for FREE

Cheap Car Window Replacement Cost

We know you've heard this before but, we all know cheaper is not always better. Although Statewide Auto Glass offers very affordable windshield replacement, we may not be the cheapest. 

Here's why: there are many auto glass installers that will use substandard products to repair or replace your cars auto glass. This may include the urethane adhesive which is used to adhere the windshield to the frame of the car. This can cause many issues down the road, such as water and air leaks and or seriously be injured if the vehicle is involved in an accident.

Water Leak - can cause many issues for your vehicle - water can ruin your electrical components and rust out your pinch weld or cal, not to mention the wet carpet and mildew that will cause your vehicle to smell. Then you have to have the technician come back out and remove then reinstall the windshield or back glass.

Now, this is where it really gets good, now that you realize you have an issue, try getting the installer to warranty his work. These fly by night installers may listen to you when you call to complain about the water or air leaks. Then you will never hear from them again, they sell the windshield replacement services cheap knowing they will never see you again after they take your money.

Windshields - Every auto glass shop purchases their auto glass from the same place the Auto Glass Warehouses. Although there are several different types of distributors many different brands from OEM to Aftermarket. You also have some very very cheap Chinese Glass.

OEM Auto Glass – Original Equipment Manufacturer. Vehicle manufacturers bid out their OEM window glass contracts for their vehicles. ... At the end of the day, they are also the same auto glass manufacturers that produce aftermarket auto glass for windshield replacements.

Aftermarket Glass Known As OEE [Original Equipment Equivalent] These are the same auto glass manufacturers that compete for the OEM auto glass contracts, except for the OEM auto glass contracts they do not win, they reverse engineer the OEM car glass and produce aftermarket auto glass windows.

Here a tip: In general, you could say the only difference between the OEM and Aftermarket glass is who made the glass and does the windshield have a stamp with the auto manufacturer’s name and logo.

Junk Yard Glass - some installer will swing by a junkyard and remove a windshield or door glass from a wrecked vehicle then install it in your car.

Remember you get what you pay for!

Who do Auto Glass Shops purchase the auto glass and windshields from?

Here are the top manufacturers we purchase quality auto glass from: